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Why I'm Running
I am running for Carroll County Commissioner, District Three because I will bring a unique perspective and set of experiences to the Board that I think is needed. As a 30-year resident of Carroll County, I appreciate all that Carroll has to offer and also understand the challenges it faces.

In my career, I have worked with towns and counties across the state to find practical solutions to meeting federal and state regulations. I understand the importance of bringing all interested parties together before a decision is made to learn if what sounds like a good idea has a chance of being implemented. Bringing people together in the same room may also lead to partnerships that can take advantage of unknown or untapped resources.

Those who know me well, know that I am generally a very thrifty person. I absolutely believe in saving money for a rainy day and retirement and that saving small amounts of money over time allows for the spending on something more significant in the future. However, similar to taking out a mortgage to purchase a home. I recognize that it sometimes makes fiscal sense to pay for large infrastructure projects with bonds or other funding mechanisms. If not, the projects continue to get delayed and more costly. I will bring this same fiscal approach to the county budget, looking for cost savings and efficiencies throughout the budget.

Lastly, I believe politicians at all levels should be setting the example. It shouldn’t have taken the Board of Commissioners eight years to come into compliance with ethics regulations. Commissioners shouldn’t have a better health care package than regular county employees and retirees nor should they be voting for a 10% raise for their office when educators, deputy sheriffs, and county staff have had little or no raises in recent years.

Please take a few minutes to read the rest of my story. All are welcome to reach out to me with questions, concerns, and ideas both now and after the election.

Thank you,
Maria Warburton


Community Media Center Introduction
Hello, my name is Maria Warburton and I’m a candidate for Carroll County Commissioner District Three. I want to thank the Community Media Center for this opportunity to speak to you and share a bit about myself.

I am the fourth of six children and my mom is one of my greatest role models. She graduated from Notre Dame College in Baltimore with a degree in mathematics at a time when few women went to college. A few years later, in 1951, she took the CPA exam and passed on her first try. Although I considered, but ended up not majoring in math, I did follow in my mother's footsteps by taking tax preparation classes and working part-time in the field for many years while also holding down a full time job.

My mother is not the only one who instilled in me the values of education and hard work. My father, a WWII veteran, went to night school in the 60’s to earn a law degree to better support his family. My grandfather owned a successful business, Palladi Construction, known for its quality homes, excellent customer service, and fair treatment of its employees and contractors.

Family political discussions were also a common part of my upbringing and continue to this day. They have taught me that there are usually more than two sides to an issue and that good people can be found everywhere.

I started college at UMBC where I played lacrosse and field hockey. After two years, I transferred to West Virginia University to attend its School of Forestry, where I met my husband, who ironically grew up a few miles from me and was also a UMBC transfer.

We decided to make Carroll our home because of its affordability, open spaces and small town charm. We bought property and built our house in the late 80’s. Our two children, now in their twenties, were born and raised in Carroll County.

Giving back to my community has always been important to me. Over the years, I have coached youth soccer and basketball teams, been active in the school system, served on a county master plan committee, and volunteered with Scouting.

I currently volunteer at the Cold Weather Shelter, am an active member of the Junior Women’s Club of Westminster, and a certified tax preparer with VITA – the volunteer income tax assistance program.

During my career with the Maryland Department of the Environment, I came to appreciate the uniqueness of different areas of our state and understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to governing. As a water resource engineer, I collaborated with towns, counties, and various agencies across the state to implement stormwater management programs that met federal and state requirements but were also practical for a given jurisdiction.

In fact, I was involved with Carroll County representatives a couple years back, regarding the stormwater fee, commonly known as the rain tax, to achieve a resolution acceptable to both the county and the state.

As a Democrat, I believe there are some things which government, with the right leadership, can do well and do better than the private sector. Government should not be burdensome or harmful; it should help make our lives, as students, business owners, and citizens, more productive and safer. At the same time, however, I have seen government programs start out to solve a problem or provide a service but grow well beyond their stated intention. We absolutely have to keep government streamlined, relevant, and responsive.

I believe politicians at all levels should be the example. It should not have taken the Board of Commissioners eight years to come into compliance with ethics regulations.

Additionally, the Commissioners should not be receiving a better health care package than regular county employees and retirees nor approving a 10% raise for their office while educators, sheriff deputies, and staff have received little or no raises in recent years.

My leadership experience, my ability to listen and work toward practical solutions, and my dedication to service make me the best choice for the next District Three County Commissioner. For more information, visit and my Facebook page Maria Warburton for Carroll.

On June 26, vote for leadership you can trust. Vote for me, Maria Warburton..

Thank you,
Maria Warburton


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